Hi. I am a volunteer worker for Austin pets alive! && I would like to introduce you to the “lonely hearts club” at our downtown facility. These beauties have been with us for far too long && they would love to be apart of you’re family! As you can see, they are mostly pitbulls but they are sweet angels && just like rest of our dogs, they need love && care. They only difference is they’ve been with us for 6 months to a year && this simply can not do.

Please, if you’re in the Austin area, open up your hearts && home to a loving dog. If you’re considering adoption, message me for location details.

Thank you from me && the lonely hearts club.

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you better czechoslovakia before you wreckyoslovkia

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The picture above is my wanted poster for my baby Nala
I know i might lose a ton of followers for this post but I’ve run out of options and I don’t know what to do anymore. I need help.
I live in the Chicago Land area (Specifically near Jefferson Park) and she’s been gone since the 11th of April.. It’s starting to get cold again and I’m so scared she might be alone in this cold weather by her self.
The day I lost her was a day i had school at 8 am and right after I had work till 11 at night. Truth be told, I didn’t notice her not get into my bed that night. I didn’t notice her not welcome me home. I didn’t notice she was gone till the next morning. 
I know, making a tumblr post might not help me. But I simply don’t know what else to do.. 
This beautiful kitten has kept me from committing suicide. She’s the one thing in my life in which i haven’t completely messed up. She’s the one thing in this world who was genuinely so happy to see me every day i got home. She’s my whole world. Right now, I have lost the one thing that really matters to me, just because I left my stupid window open in a hurry. 
Please, anyone with information can please call me, email me, inbox me. Please, I’ve never needed something so badly before in my life. 

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if the neighborhood isnt going to help me wash these squirrels i guess i will have to do it all by myself

why are you going to wash squirrels 

someone has to

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Here’s a video of a young male crying in the queue at the slaughterhouse.

One of the most ‘infamous’ (i suppose?) incidences, was this one, shown below.

A bull in Hong Kong was reported to cry and literally begged for his life.

Workers in a slaughterhouse were surprised when the bull suddenly knelt and cried before he was taken into the slaughterhouse. Shiu, one of the workers, said that he trembled when he saw the bull’s teary eyes. They continued trying to pull the bull inside, but failed. The crying bull just would not budge. The workers were moved and decided to gather funds to purchase the bull and give it to monks, who would take care of it. When they decided not to kill the bull, the creature stood up and followed them.

Mr. Shiu, a butcher recalled, “When I saw this kind of so-called “stupid” animal sobbing and with his eyes in fear and sorrow, I started trembling.” “I called the rest over to see. They were just as surprised. We kept pushing the bull forward, but he just didn’t want to move and sat there crying.”

Billy Fong, owner of the packaging factory said, “People thought animals didn’t cry like human beings. However that bull really sobbed like a baby.” At that time, more than ten strong men witnessed the scene and they were all touched. Those who were responsible for slaughtering felt even more touched and teared as well.

Other workers working at the same slaughter house also came to see the crying bull. It was all packed with people. They were all shocked by this scene. Three of them said they would never forget this crying bull when they slaughter other animals.

When both man and beast are crying, everyone knew that nobody could kill the bull. The problem was what should they do with the him? In the end, they raised funds to buy this crying bull and sent him to a temple. Those kind monks would take care of him for life.

After the workers had made a decision, a miracle happened. A worker said, “When we promised this bull that we will not kill him, he started moving and followed us.”

How did he understand people’s words?

Mr. Shiu said “Believe it or not? This is real although it sounds unbelievable.” No doubt, this bull changed these butchers’ lives.


Video of the story, boris the bull, who was rescued from a farm. He was so ill when he was found he only lived a few more weeks. As he dies he is recorded crying in the arms of his rescuers.
Anyone who thinks they are entitled to eat these beautiful sensitive animals when there are other options enrages me



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